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Newsletter Vol. 12

Top Travel and Tours (P) Ltd. is Now on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor over the years has asserted its dominance in the travel industry. The portal has become universally a preferred choice to find out the best of hotels in any tourist destination worldwide. Reviews posted here are often a guiding force for fellow travellers in choosing the best accommodation and sightseeing attraction while planning a trip.

Keeping its importance in travel trade, our company, Top Travel and Tours is also present on TripAdvisor. Our company is listed as an attraction in Incredible India Private Day Tours. You may visit ourTripAdvisor

More Choices on Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train
The Maharashtra’s luxury train, Deccan Odyssey in an attempt to bring out the best of the country’s fairs and festivals has included different choices of luxurious travelling for the upcoming season from October, 2014 onwards.

The addition in the itineraries has been given due focus to make the special train tours more accessible and flexible for travellers. Besides concentrating on the culture, heritage and wildlife of Maharashtra, the new edition of Deccan Odyssey train tour packages will also extend to neighbouring states like Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka. In short, the new tour packages of the luxury train will offer focussed tours with flexible number of days for stay.

Issuing Special Advisory for Safe Women Travel in India

Top Travel has always believed in providing safe and secure travel experience in India. Every guest for Top Travel is a top priority and to fulfill the commitment towards them, the company has issued a special travel advisory for every traveller in India.


This special initiative features a list of Do’s and Don’ts for a safe, secure and smooth travel experience for all, including women as well. Not just it introduces tourists about the ideal code of conduct in India, it also equips them with the ideas that can prove worthy during unexpected circumstances.

The company hopes that the initiative brings travel awareness and builds traveller confidence in visiting India time and again.

0.6 Million Foreign Tourists Visited India in March 2014

Good news for Incredible India has arrived where, at least 0.6 million foreign tourists visited India in March 2014. The registered growth this year is 4.5 per higher than the corresponding period last year. The industry is hopeful that the same trend of flourishing India tourism will continue throughout the year.

Fairs & Festivals

Buddha Purnima / Buddha Jayanti (May 14, 2014.) –
Buddha Jayanti or Buddha Purnima celebrates the birthday of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is the most sacred Buddhist festival and also is the best time to begin the Buddhist-Pilgrimage. Pilgrims take special Buddha Poornima festival tours to understand the Lord Buddha in a better way and embrace his practical teachings in their lives. (Bodhgaya – Varanasi – Sarnath – Kushinagar – Lumbini) There the pilgrims can participate in prayer meets, sermons, discourses, group meditations and pay respects to the spiritual master.

Mt. Abu Summer Festival (May 12-14, 2014) – The summer season has approached in India and it is the best time to visit the hill stations and celebrate their indomitable spirit. Mt. Abu Summer Festival is one such special celebration organized every year in summers during Buddha Poornima festival. During this, tourists can soak in the spirit of this serene hill station in Rajasthan and enjoy the cool and calming side of vacationing as well during the two day celebration.

Ooty Summer Festival (May 18-20, 2014) – Ooty Summer Festival (May 18-20, 2014) – Ooty is Tamil Nadu’s luxurious hill station that gears up every year to welcome tourists during summers through Ooty Summer Festival. Various activities like flower show at the Botanical Gardens, cultural events, boat racing, and trekking make this event a great reason to visit Ooty.