Newsletter Vol. 9


International Airports in India Ready for Change
A lot of activity is happening on upgrading the airport infrastructure in different Indian metro cities. Bangalore International Airport Limited announced its name change from Bengaluru International Airport to Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. The name changing event coincided this with opening of the new Terminal 1A. The 1A terminal covers over 150,500 sq meters and has more than double the floor space area of the current terminal. The airport’s new name is a tribute to Kempegowda, the founding father of Bangalore. The city is frequented by many business followers and tourists interested in exploring South India. To witness the upgraded facilities in this airport, visit Bangalore – the capital of Karnataka.

Besides, Mumbai’s International Airport also witnessed advancement in its airport infrastructure. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is a state-of-the-art development in the Indian airport scenario. The terminal, spread over 4.39 lakh square metres has great capacity to cater to large number of arrivals. The swanky terminal also boasts the largest collections of artifacts and paintings in the world to be displayed at an airport. In terms of facilities, the terminal will have 188 check-in counters, 60 immigration sites for departing passengers and 76 immigration counters for incoming fliers.

Mumbai already witnesses the largest number of tourism arrivals and such an upgradation surely will boost the tourism potentials of the city. To witness the state-of-the-art terminal, visit Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra.

These infrastructural developments on the airport front have surely brought these cities to the list of hi-end airport cities in India.

Sikkim launches Winter Carnival
To boost tourism in winters and mark the celebrations of Christmas and New Year, the northernmost state of Sikkim had organized a winter carnival during December 22-24. Supported by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, this carnival was based on promoting simple Sikkim culture, cuisine and organic products. The state, due to its beautiful mountains and its ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture is one of the prominent tourist destinations in India, attracting tourists. Other attractions of visiting Sikkim include adventure sports, traditional handicrafts, horticulture, floriculture and organic products.

MoT to set up Tourist Info Line Service
Ministry of Tourism (MoT), Government of India is planning to set up a Tourist Info Line Service. It is a dedicated call centre service providing all kinds of tourist information regarding facilities and services to both inbound and domestic tourists. This initiative will help the inbound travellers in their language about India and the services and facilities available here. The service will be available 24×7 365 days and will cater in languages like Russian, Chinese, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, etc.


Mamallapuram Dance Festival, Tamil Nadu – The ancient port territory of Pallavas, Mahabalipuram comes alive with a vibrant dance festival. Held in January every year, this cultural festival invites leading dance artists to perform Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Kathak and Odissi against the magnificent backdrop of world heritage rock shrine.

Makar Sankranti / Uttarayan – Next day to Lohri, known as Makar Sankranti is also considered auspicious among Hindus. Every household enjoys the merriment with kites and celebrates the return of the sun from the Tropic of Equator to the Tropic of Capricorn. In Gujarat, the festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated as Uttarayan. During the celebrations, the state also organizes the annual International Kite Festival at Ahmadabad. Here, kite flyers from different countries participate and display their skill in the game. Tourists from Japan, Italy, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, France and China with their special state kites participate in this festival.

Republic Day – A national holiday in India, Republic Day marks the anniversary when India became an independent republic. The center of attraction of Republic day celebrations is in Delhi Rajpath where the parade displays the military might and cultural diversity through tableaus.

Island Festival, Port Blair – This 15-day long tourism festival features dance, drama & music and celebrates the multicultural spirit of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Held in Port Blair, this festival provides platform to the natives here to display their arts, crafts exhibitions and also flora, fauna and marine life. Adventure activities like aqua sports and parasailing are an added attraction of Island Festival.