Newsletter Vol. 8


Royal Couple of Britain Visited India on a Nine Day Trip
In the month of November 2013, India hosted the royal couple of Britain, Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, for their nine day tour through various destinations including Uttarakhand, Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala. They visited India ahead of the Commonwealth Meet held in Sri Lanka on and enjoyed the country’s cultural, spiritual and natural attractions in their best form.

Mahabodhi Temple’s Dome in Bodhgaya to be covered with 300 kg Gold
Bodhgaya, the city of Buddha’s enlightenment and the holiest place of Buddhist pilgrimage is all set to receive a makeover. The ancient temple’s vault of the Great Mahabodhi Temple is going to be coated with gold with the help of experts and the noble efforts of Thailand King Bhumibol Atulaya and other Thai Devotees.

A special prayer was held under the Bodhi tree on Nov 16 commemorating the glorious event. As a foremost promoter of Buddhist sites in India, Mr. Sumit Mathur, the director of our company spoke about the landmark even in the history of Bodhgaya. According to him, “This new, gold-plated spire would doubtless attract more Buddhists to the temple, especially from Thailand.”

She Taxi for Women by Women in Kerala
Women travellers can travel throughout Kerala conveniently, thanks to the ‘She Taxi’, a government backed initiative offering 24X7 taxi service operated by women for women. The safe and reliable mode of transportation was launched last month with an aim to offer safe journeys to women. Not only this, it will also support self-employment and inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among women.

Fairs and Festivals

Konark Dance Festival – Konark Festival organized by Odisha Tourism within the heritage Sun Temple of Konark celebrates the cultural wealth of Indian classical dance forms. The festival provides a platform for Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri, Kathak and Chau dance performances. The festival will be organized from December 1-5 this year.

Hornbill Festival – Named after the state’s bird, Hornbill Festival is one of the largest state celebrations of Nagaland’s warrior tribes. Celebrated over 10 days in Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, this festival features traditional arts, dances, folk songs, and games. In the evenings, special performances under Hornbill National Rock Concert also entertain the visitors. Bands from all over the country come to compete. This year, the festival will be celebrated from December 1st-10th, 2013.

Christmas and New Year – Christmas, the birthday of Lord Jesus, is celebrated with spiritual and celebratory fervour on December 25 every year. In India, the holiday time attracts many travellers to Goa and Kerala. Also on the Christmas Eve, i.e., December 24th, 2013, the famous Mass Prayers are a center of attention. Devotees from different parts of the world come and participate in the prayers, welcoming the arrival of Jesus on earth. The day is marked by prayers and the spotting of beloved Santa who brings gifts for children.

The celebrations of Christmas continue till January 1st, marking the onset of the New Year. People party late night and wait till the clock hits 12 to wish the near and dear ones Happy New Year.