Climate Of India

The warmth India offers is not only visible in the heart-felt gesture of Atithi Devo Bhavah, but also in its weather. The Climate of India is a soothing and salubrious retreat showcasing varied temperatures, climatic diversities and therapeutic weather conditions.

Here weather is not just a mere change in season, but a reason to celebrate. Winters bring a bonfire with them in terms of Lohri; summers bring the reaping of the year old harvests on Baisakhi, the rainy monsoons are celebrated by getting drenched in the rain or through the leisure of being on the swing; the chilly winds denote the advent of Christmas and Santa Claus with gifts. Such is the glory of Indian Climate where change in weather is synonymous to festivities.

Loosely four seasons rule the entire country including winters (January and February), summer (March to May), a monsoon (rainy) season (June to September), and a post-monsoon period called as autumn (October to December).

Based on colorful geography, Indian Climate is also mixed with assorted climes. The extreme dipping temperatures in the north, the arid deserts of west, extreme rainfall in the east and tropical retreat in south defines the essence of weather in India.



The seasonal temperatures in India include -


Season          Temperatures               Description


Summer           40-45 °C                      Sunny with hot winds, Loo


Winter             10-15 °C                      Cold and Chilly Winds with warm sunlight


Monsoon          35 °C                           Humid and Moisture in Air due to precipitation


Autumn            30 °C                            Pleasant weather

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