History Of India

The 5,000 year old Indian History illustrates the larger than life pomp and splendour of royalty, where righteous life based on the ideals of Satyameva Jayate emphasize on victory of truth and other ideals.

The ancient history began with the dwelling of the Indus Valley Civilization in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, and the entering of Aryans in the subcontinent. To save the country from foreign conquests, Chandragupta Maurya realised the dream of consolidating India under the single rule. His grandson Ashoka Maurya continued the legacy of bringing India under one empire and in his later years converted into a Buddhist by following and preaching the religion, as an after effect of bloodshed in the giant war of Kalinga. Gupta, Cholas, Pandyas and Cheras kingdom was also the prevalent ruling dynasties of South India.

The Golden Age of Indian History also comprised the Mughal Dynasty who contributed to the richness, the intricacy and the intelligence to the country. But 400 year glory of Medieval India saw its dusk with the advent of foreigners from other continents.

For many centuries, Arab Traders served as a mediator between Europe and Asia by selling Indian Spices and other fertile produce. Through them only, the other side of the world got to know about the richness of the land called India.

Equipped with the Industrial Revolution, the European counterparts like British, Portuguese, Dutch and French went on a voyage to search the golden route to India and reach at the pinnacle of its riches.

In this process, the foreign powers established their offices on the coastal regions. With the weakening of Indian rulers, majorly Badshahs, Nawabs and Kings, these foreign powers wanted to gain the control over the country, which in turn resulted in major wars and battles among the European counterparts. After many conquests and power plays, it was The Great Britain which emerged as one amongst all and established its rule under the British Monarchy in 1876 AD. This British governance continued till 15 August 1947, when the country gained its independence after 200 years rule.

Throughout the history, India saw many rulers, experienced their traditions, ideologies, religions and beliefs & soaked the uniqueness through absorptive flexes forming a vibrant rainbow panorama enticing the world.

At present, the history of India has left indelible traces of time in the form of monuments, temples, forts, caves, sculptures, etc. The country called India still tempts and lures everyone in the world to come, explore the country and themselves. With a palate full of architecture, cultural retreat, cuisines, climate, relief features and regional diversity, India’s rich history redefines the phrase every time “the world ruled India, but India still rules the world’s heart.”


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