Tourist Attraction of India


Tourist Attractions of India

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a proud sponsor of great Indian heritage which forms the foundation of its architectural brilliance. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is a crowning glory which can be experienced only during a Taj Mahal Tour. more »

India Tourist Attraction


Famous as the Queen of Indian Beaches, the Pearl of the Orient, Goa is one of the most visited states of Incredible India which has redefined the meaning of relaxed beach and spa holidays with a dash of fun and adventure. more »

Tourist Attractions of India

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters is one great reason to name the state as God's own country. Known for its intricate network of lazy lagoons and cozy canals, Backwaters of Kerala takes a tourist through a journey to reconnect with one's own self. more »

India Tourist Attraction


The Kamasutra Temples of, Khajuraho feature intricately sculpted human figures on outer walls of temples whereas inner sanctums feature temples devoted to deities. The earthy monuments present Indian sculptures in a poetic way .more »

Tourist Attractions of India


India's religious capital, Varanasi is the one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Located on the famous Ganges Ghats, Varanasi is often referred to as "the city of temples", "the city of lights and learning" more »

India Tourist Attraction

Ajanta Ellora

The specimens of Ist millennium rock cut caves at Ajanta and Ellora represent the ancient artistic brilliance. These monastic caves became the canvas of imagination for monks who expressed their artistic side on the cave walls. more »

Tourist Attractions of India


Flaunted as the heaven on earth, Srinagar is the charming glory of J&K. The summer capital of Srinagar is a beauty to behold that can be felt through its soaring Chinar trees, Tulip gardens and Shikaras on Dal Lake. more »

India Tourist Attraction


India Wildlife is densely covered with the great forests where mighty lions rule the animal kingdom and other animals follow the Jungle rules. Dotted with numerous national sanctuaries and parks, Wildlife Tour is filled excitement. more »

Tourist Attractions of India

Luxury Trains

Luxury Trains offer lucrative experience of life, where grandeur, traditions and culture of royal India are served onboard. Luxury Train trail covers Rajasthan, Maharashtra-Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala through its unique tours. more »

India Tourist Attraction

Buddhist Pilgrimage

The journey through Buddhist Pilgrimage is an eye opener for a pilgrim which changes the outlook of life. The route of this pilgrimage follows the path once walked by Lord Buddha himself in search of truth, wisdom and peace. more »

Tourist Attractions of India


Islands of India are secluded heavens surrounded by azure oceans and sun-kissed beaches. These islands offer great way to explore the underwater kingdom of coral reefs through multiple diving and snorkeling facilities. more »

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