Capital – Ranchi  ~>>  Area - 83,743 sq km  ~>>  Language – Hindi, Santhali, Mundery, Kharia, Kurmali and Sadari

Jharkhand TourMostly visited for - Ranchi (city of waterfalls, temples, forest, industry and dam), Jamshedpur (known as Tata Nagar for its Steel City) and Bokaro (City of Scholars having largest number of steel plants in India), Deogarh (one of Lord Shiva’s most scared places of worship), Saranda (the seven hundred hills zone famous for its virgin forests), Netrahat (a pristine hill station of Jharkhand), Chota Nagpur (a store house plateau of minerals, flora and fauna), Palamau (a regional tiger reserve), Hazaribagh (a health resort famous for its national park), Giridih (the land of hills and hillocks), Sahebganj (famous for the only bird sanctuary, Udhwa in Jharkhand), Dhanbad (coal capital of India), Parasnath (the highest point of the state and a major Jain pilgrimage centre).
Adventure sports like Paragliding, Water Sports and Rock Climbing can be enjoyed in Jharkhand.

Major Cities – Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Bokaro Steel City

Weather - Summer: March to June, Monsoon: July to September, Winter: October to February.  Climate of Jharkhand is influenced by its variation in elevation. The high elevation areas have an extreme climate, and lower reaches have subtropical climate with hot summers and cool winters.

By Air – The state has a domestic airport at Ranchi, which is connected by regular flights with Kolkata, Patna, Mumbai and New Delhi. The second airport at Jamshedpur has few scheduled flights.

By Train – The main railway station in the state is also located in Ranchi. South Eastern Railway connects it to other major cities like Patna and Rourkela by regular trains.

By Road – Ranchi is located at the junction of National Highway 23 and 33. Extensive road network is under construction to facilitate road transport in the area and make the state easily accessible from any corner of the country.

History, Geography and Culture of Jharkhand
Jharkhand ToursThe land of forests, Jharkhand beats the paradoxes at every step. Rich in flora, fauna and minerals, this state is a natural hinterland where mighty waterfalls cascade through the steep slopes and form a state for waterfalls. The tribal treasures of the state are equally mighty, defining the cultural essence of the region.

Though the state is only 12 years young, its shared historical essence is as old as pre historic civilization. History stands still amidst the serene Saranda teak forests that have witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations. The prehistoric artifacts and abundant fossil presence in some sites of Jharkhand testify the possibility that the evolution of Homo-erectus to Homo-sapiens happened in the Chotanagpur region. Such a rich wealth of the past civilization, human societies and their cultural patterns are still present in Jharkhand’s caves art, monuments, and rock-art in shelters (petrographs) which are open for the world. Many districts in the state have such sites and relics. 13 years ago, this tribal territory in the south was chalked out of neighbouring Bihar in order to meet the growing demands of its natives.

Geographically, this state is bordered by Bihar to the north, West Bengal towards the east, Orissa to the south, Chhattisgarh to the west, and Uttar Pradesh to the northwest. The topography of this region is defined by the presence of Chota Nagpur Plateau, a part of the Deccan plateau. This is actually a series of plateaus, valleys and hills dotting the entire state. The rivers namely Damodar, and Son flow through the entire state, adding on to the prosperity of the land. The state is endowed with vast natural resources ranging from coal, iron ore, copper, mica, bauxite, graphite, uranium, limestone, etc adding on to prosperity of the region.  Most of the resources in India owe their origins to Jharkhand. The rich geography of the region is also great for adventure excursionists who can do Paragliding, Water Sports and Rock Climbing in the jovial surroundings of Jharkhand. The flora and fauna of this state are equally exciting. Blessed with evergreen forests, lakes, waterfalls and national parks, this state is an evolving tourist destination providing serene relief to the tourists.

They can also avail novel tourism themes in Jharkhand including eco tourism on the organic farming destinations; cruise tourism on Dimna and Ranchi Lake; mining tourism at Central Coalfields Limited, Sindri and Hindustan Copper Limited mines;  spiritual tourism and tribal tourism.
Culturally, the state is bestowed with the treasured tribal culture. More than 30 tribes including Santhals, Asurs, Khonds, Koras, Mundas, etc thrive well in this forested region since olden times. Most of the life and culture is dependent upon the tribal majority of the region, colouring the rich tapestry of life embedded with rare jewels of art and culture.

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Jharkhand
This land of Seven Hundred Hills is equivalent to some of the rich and bountiful forests, which are a home to wildlife sanctuaries: Hazaribagh National Forest, Betla Tiger Reserve Forest and Wildlife Sanctuary (Palamau district), Palamu Sanctuary (Palamau district), Netarhat Wildlife Sanctuary and Dalma WildLife Sanctuary.

Religion – Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity and Sikhism

Fair: Tusu Mela (Bundu, Sili, Khunti, Ranchi; January)
Hikla Mela (Dumka)
Bhadli Mela (Itkhori)
Shravani Mela (July, Deoghar)
Jagannath Mela (July; Ranchi)
Festivals: Fagua (Feb & March)
Sarhul Festival (March-April)
Busi (April)
Manda Festival (Ranchi, Gumla, Khunti; April)
Bahura Festival (July-Aug)
Karam (Aug-Sep), Sohrai (Oct-Nov)

Eat – the state is known for diversified cuisines ranging from Handia, Bamboo Shoots, Mushroom, Rugra, Kanda, Thekua, Mitha, Khaja, Mahua, Litti, Aaloo Chokha, Dhuska, Chhirka or Chhilka Roti, Arsa Roti, Dubhni Roti. Rice and Wheat are the staple diet of Jharkhandis.

Buy – Wood Craft: Bamboo, Pyatkar Paintings, Toys, Baskets; Metal Work: Stone Carving, Ornaments, Dolls, Baskets; Art: Pre historic Cave Paintings, Rock Paintings, Kohbar and Sohrai Paintings, Wall Paintings

Hotels – there are many three star accommodations providing comfortable stay options in Jharkhand.

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