Capital – Patna  ~>>  Area - 98,940 sq km  ~>>  Language – Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Magadhi and Maithali

Bihar TourMostly visited for – Patna (the ancient Patliputra famous for Sikh pilgrimage, Patna Sahib), Nalanda (remnants of an ancient university), Vikramshila (Buddhist university and stupa ruins), Rajgir (one of the favourite places of Lord Buddha renowned for Vultures Peak and Bimbisara Jail), Vaishali (where Lord Buddha delivered his last sermon), Bodhgaya (where Buddha attained Nirvana or Enlightenment), Gaya (place of Hindu Ancestor Pilgrimage), Madhubani (cultural heart of Bihar), Pawapuri (Lord Mahavira’s parinirvana site and a premier Jain pilgrimage), Kundalpur (site for another Jain Temple), Shaktipiths at Munger, Mahishi, Sasaram (tomb of Sher Shah Suri).

Major Cities – Bodhgaya, Gopalganj, Bhagalpur, Munger, Gaya, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga

Weather - Summer: March to May, Monsoon: June to September, Winter: October to February.  Climate of Bihar is subtropical in nature making summers hot and winters intensely cold.

By Air - Bihar has airport connectivity in Patna, its capital city with Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Kolkata.
By Rail - A large number of major and minor places within the state are networked by train services of Indian Railways. The state is also serviced by important super fast trains like Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express.
By Road - An extensive network of National Highways and State Highways, running through the state, connects it with important cities all over India.

History, Geography and Culture of Bihar
Bihar ToursThe modern Bihar in its heydays was known as Magadha, the glorious learning center of power, learning and culture of Bharatvarsha for 1000 years. The rise of India's first empire, Mauryan dynasty of Iron Age is accredited to this Indian state. The Golden Age of India also finds its origins in this illustrious state. The journey of Buddha from a hilly kingdom towards renouncing pleasures and attaining enlightenment also found the space in this glorious city. The spiritual reverence of Bodhi tree is so intrinsic in the life of the region, that it became the state symbol. In fact, the name Bihar finds its source origins from Vihara, a Pali word for Buddhist Monastery and secluded place for walking.

Such is the glory of Bihar, India’s 12th largest state in India where the faiths intermingle to epitomize a mini India. Locked between West Bengal in the east, Uttar Pradesh in the west, Nepal in north and Jharkhand in the south, Bihar is a bountiful state known for its rich mine of resources like coal, quartzite, crude mica, bauxite, dolomite, etc. Located in the Indo-Gangetic plain, this state is bestowed with naturally fertile alluvial soil, forming the backbone of agricultural and industrial development in Bihar. Organic farming is yet another feather in the crown of this bestowed state.  This region has its own share of hills in the forms of Rajgir, Brahmayoni, Pretshila and Ramshila which are renowned of spiritual and pilgrimage connections.

The culture of Bihar is also richly varied. Since ancient times, the region has been a rich repository of Indian culture that can be reviewed through its language, dance, music and festivals. Ustad Bismillah Khan, Shehnai maestro, Dhrupad singers like Malliks of Darbhanga Gharana and Mishras of Bettiah Gharana are Bihar’s rich contribution to the music of India. Phagua, the traditional folk songs sung during Holi are also an attraction of this state’s music.

In terms of paintings as well, Bihar has left an indelible mark in the form of Madhubani paintings. Tussar silk production is another contribution of the state in the silk production of India.

Fauna of Bihar
The endangered species of Ganges River dolphin can be spotted in the Ganges tributaries flowing through the state of Bihar. Other wildlife spotting options can be availed in Valmiki National Park, Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary and Kabar lake Bird Sanctuary in Begusarai.

Religion – Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam

Patliputra Mahotsava in Patna, (March)
Rajgir Mahotsav (24 - 26 Oct)
Chhath Festival (Oct – Nov) Celebrated throughout Bihar
Shravani Mela (Monsoons)
Sonepur Mela (Nov/Dec)

Eat – If you are in Bihar, Sattu and Litti, Chokha must be tried during eating. Fish Curry, Bihari Kebab, Kadhi Barl, Khichdi, Ghooghni, Pittha, Chiwra, Dhuska are other culinary attractions of the state.

Buy - Wood Work, Wood Carvings, Pottery, Bamboo Work, Madhubani Paintings, Bangles, Stone Work, Sikki Craft

Hotels – According to the state’s chief minister, “One among every six foreign tourists arriving in India is accepting hospitality of Bihar now," defines the stronghold of the state in tourism. There are numerous hotels providing great hospitality options to the tourists. Patna, Bodhgaya are the premier centers of tourists’ inflow in Bihar.

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