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An archipelago of 26 coral islands floating on the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep is a rising destination, popular among those who believe that life is an adventure. These explorers dare to take on the challenges of nature and rise above all odds. And at Lakshadweep, there are plenty of options. Water sport activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, wind surfing, canoeing, water skiing, yachting and night voyages into sea are the most availed options availed during Lakshadweep Island tour. Located 300 km offshore west to Kerala, these bewitching islands are also known the world over for their bountiful coral reefs, pristine lagoons and warm waters.

Cherishing the sensitive eco-system of Lakshadweep is limited to only privileged few. That is the major reason why tourists need to seek permission as entry permit to this divine diving destination.

Lakshadweep Island Tour Attractions

Agatti Island – The gateway to Lakshadweep Islands, Agatti Island is located 459 km south west of Kochi. By default, adventurers get to experience the breathtaking beauty of this atoll known for its preserved aquatic life. The lagoon area of these islands is blessed with coral growth and multicoloured fishes. The island has the only airport stopover from Kochi and Goa.

Lakshadweep Islands Tours Bangaram – The sublime setting of Bangaram Island makes it one of the most visited attractions of Lakshadweep islands. Roughly shaped in rectangular form, this atoll is 8.1 km in length and features and is connected to Agatti reef through a shallow submarine ridge.
Kavaratti – The capital named Kavaratti is one of the popular destinations of Lakshadweep. The atoll is favoured tourist attraction frequented for its white sand beaches and serene lagoons. Many tourists visit Kavaratti to relax and soak the sun after diving and indulging in water sports. A must visit attraction of this island is the Marine Aquarium boasting rich range of corals and varieties of tropical fishes.

Kadmat – Fondly addressed as Cardamom Island, Kadmat atoll accommodates swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.
How to reach
  • Tourists can reach Lakshadweep via flight and ships from Kochi. Through Indian Airlines, tourists can make their way to these lambent islands.

  • Nearest airport and waterway is from Kochi.

Climate – Climate of Lakshadweep is similar to Kerala. The tropical weather makes is a pleasurable experience during the months of June to February

Excursions of Lakshadweep Island Tour

Corals – Corals are the unique phenomenon specially associated with Lakshadweep Islands. This archipelago is the only chain of coral islands in the Indian sub-continent, making it an exclusive reason inviting tourists from all over the world. Every island in this series is made up of corals. These corals are nothing but the marine animals belonging to Anthozoa class of organisms. These organisms are known as sea anemones which are nothing but colourful polyp formation colonies. Millions of dead corals form a coral colony which comprises a reef. These natural formations require a set of conditions to flourish which are there in plenty at Lakshadweep.

Lakshadweep tour

Scuba Diving – Lakshadweep is a diver’s dream delight offering excellent opportunities to spot sunken marine life and coral reefs under crystal clear emerald blue waters. The best time to explore the passion of scuba diving during Lakshadweep Island’s tour is between mid-October and mid-May. During this time span, the sea waters are generally calm and divers can enjoy great coral sights in sea. Those tourists who are serious about Scuba Diving can actually learn this adventure sport from diving instructors for 5-8 days and become a certified scuba diver at the Diving School, Bangaram. 

Snorkeling – Even if you are not a swimmer, still you can enjoy Snorkeling. This requires wearing a specific apparatus while swimming underwater. The apparatus includes a diving mask, a shaped tube called snorkel and swim fins assisting your swimming. In cold conditions, the divers are supposed to wear a wetsuit. By using this gear, a snorkeler is able to observe underwater attractions for longer time, without gasping for breath.

Water Skiing – The calm waters and lagoons of Lakshadweep make it a favourable destination for water skiing. The favourable conditions of sea make it one of the most availed excursions of Lakshadweep Island Tour.

Fishing – Fishing or angling is the only major source of livelihood in the Lakshadweep atolls. The islands are famous for Tuna fish catching. However, tourists can also avail the opportunity to catch their fishes at Agatti, Kadmat, Bangaram, etc. During this exciting game, tourists can catch various other varieties of fishes including Kingfish, Snappers and Stonefish to name a few. Deep sea fishing can also be availed during this tour where tourists hop on to the boat and catch the prized treasures in the form of fishes. One good thing about fishing in Lakshadweep Island is the fact that tourists can even barbeque the catch after returning on the beach.

Where to stay
  Bangaram Island Resort, Bangaram Sea Shells Beach Resort, Agatti

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